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Ekow on video

Ekow Alabi mit Songs von Going for Gold

Video of "Going Home" from the album
"Going for Gold", shot in Ghana
Going Home
Video of"Asante sana"
Mariamu Morris
Asante Sana
Short video of"Wonsa Beka"
from"Going for Gold"
Wonsa Beka
Filmed with street kids in Accra:
Video of "Accra Jumpin"
Accra Jumping
Ein Fundstück ...

A "good Jam" with Pat Thomas and
Tony Akablay
A Good Jam
With Ebo Taylor - Love and Death  
Ebo Taylor - Love and Death (live Paris) 4.2. 2011
Ebo Taylor live @ Paradiso Amsterdam 09.02 2011
Ekow Alabi mit Jimi Tenor & Kabu Kabu
With Jimi Tenor Live @ WF Sete 2009 With Jimi Tenor
In Riga 2008, feat. N.Šne Sinfonietta Riga Orchestra With Jimi Tenor in Riga
Odkrywamy Ameryke Session Mai 2009 With Jimi Tenor - Session
A spontaneously public pre-concert street session in Frankfurt Mai 2009 With Jimi Tenor - spontaneously in Frankfurt
The Release-Party of Going for Gold in Accra 2007
Ebo Taylor Plays Yaa Amponsah Release Party in Ghana
Link zu YouTube: Seprewa at the Launch
of Ekow Alabi's Going for Gold Album