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Ekow Alabi in the press

“The hallmark of a good and competent musician is his ability to play and sustain a consistent level of musical inflow targeted to attract the attention of a large audience world wide. One of such versatile Ghanaian musicians is Ekow Alabi Savage who has the dexterity of a world class musician and has resided in the German city of Berlin for over a decade now….”
Harold Awortwi Grant, Graphic Showbiz, Accra 1998

“Ghanaian musicians love to inject life into their music. This is evident in the pulsating sounds that accompany their songs as well as the names of the genres they create – highlife, hiplife, raglife etc. One “life”(…) is “Sunlife” originated by Ekow Alabi…”
The Mirror, Accra, Ghana 2007