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Chronicle 2010                  

Love & Death-Tournee mit Ebo Taylor & Afrobeat Academy - 2010
Ekow is on tour with Ebo Taylor and Afrobeat Academy since the first international album "Love and Death" by Ebo Taylor in october 2010 has been released. Ebo Taylor recorded the album together with Afobeat Academy. There were concerts in Paris, Köln and Berlin.


Chinaza - Konzerttour
Chinaza comes from Nigeria and Germany, she plays in Lagos in November, Lagos Jazz Series 5-7 November 2010




Sommer 2010 - Auf Tour mit Vitamin X

The World Cup 2010 in South Africa:
Ekow for Ghana!




Ekow plays during Ghanas Independence festivities!
Together with Rocky Dawuti, Ekow Alabi plays during Ghana's 53. Independence Day festivities in Ghana on March 6th.

Recording of 2 songs on the new album of Njeka
Nejka has recorded for her new CD 2 songs with Ekow.

Finally: New tour through Germany!
Current tour dates here soon! 2010 Ekow and Kabu Kabu are going on tour!


Release of the new albums in June!
The new solo album "Going for Gold" has been
released by Piranha June 2009 in Germany!

Concert tour with Jimi Tenor and Kabu Kabu 2009
Ekow Alabi has been tourung with Jimi Tenor the
international known Jazz musician from Finland
and the band Kabu Kabu through Europe.