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Going for Gold - Pressestimmen            

Ekow Savage goes for gold - ".. Going for Gold is a cocktail of roots reggae, a little bit of funk, some hiplife rap and plenty of horns. To give it an international touch, Savage collaborated with seasoned artists, Mariamu Morris from Kenya, Djatou Toure from Ivory Coast, Nigerian Charles and Dr Bizzy from Ghana." W. A. Asiedu, The Mirror, 5.4.2007 (Prerelease in Africa)

“The album, which is laced with refreshing rhythms dubbed Afro pop is an interesting mix of sounds and beats that boast of dramatic chord progressions.” New Vision, Accra, Ghana

Siehe auch "Presse", dort finden Sie eine pdf-Datei mit weiteren Pressestimmen zu "Going for Gold".